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Imagine if the SHTF….

Imagine if the SHTF
By John “DirtyLew”



Imagine this situation, if you will. You live in an urban setting, a city or some sort of metropolitan area. Then, all of a sudden… BOOM! Some sort of situation occurred, whether it is a natural disaster or a man made event. There are thousands of people panicking, various agencies responding to the event at hand, and you’re trying to rush back to your meeting point to establish the plan that you’ve had for your group. You arrive at your meeting point, and all of the rest of the group has arrived, safe and sound.

After doing role call, you enact the “Preparedness” plan that was drafted by all parties of your group. Each person is assigned a specific task to carry out and must do so in a timely fashion. Being the group’s leader; your role is to ensure that all tasks are completed, and you’re able to reach your secured location within a timely manner. After all the tasks are completed, supplies are loaded in their assigned vehicles, and parties briefed – you would then proceed to your secured setting.

Each vehicle would be assigned, a designed CommsNav (Communications/Navigation) person. This person would be in charge of corresponding to the group leader, and ensuring that their vehicle follows the designated route without deviation. These group members would work together to develop “code” words to transmit sensitive information over the airwaves, in case other parties were listening.

After arriving to your assigned, secured location – you would confer with the group already on-site to setup where your team members would establish base camp.


I know what you’re thinking, Reader.  This is a bunch of crap and that nothing like this would happen.  Well, you’ve got to remember situations such as 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Irene, Katrina, etc.  There were people escaping during Hurricane Katrina, trying to relocate to safer areas.

It definitely does NOT hurt to have a plan in place.  If there’s a situation going on where you’re at and you not sure whether you’ll have communications in the day or so, contact a member of your family and let them know that you are safe.

I’d rather be safe than sorry, because I didn’t believe that it is going to be worse than it already is.

Stay Prepared!

-John “DirtyLew”

DisasterPrepGuides.com – What’s this?


First of all, we would like to welcome you to the newly designed “DisasterPrepGuides.com.” DPG was ultimately created as a one-stop resource for those that need immediate access to plans for Emergency Preparedness. We will have different resources, tutorials, and guides to help you improve or start your preparedness skills. There are going to be times where you’re in a situation where you may need some guidance.

At DPG, that’s our goal and mission to provide you with the tips and tricks on survival and preparedness.

We’re also working on a few projects for the future, that will be deployed on the site as soon as they are finalized. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for visiting us!

-John “DirtyLew”