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If you’ve stumbled across DisasterPrepGuides.com, it means you’re either looking for material on emergency preparedness or you’ve taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.  If you’re worried about not being prepared enough for a natural disaster (Hurricane, Tornado, Blizzard, Flooding, Ice Storm, etc.) or a man-made event (Riot, Biochemical Attack, Terrorist Attack) – you’ve come to the right place to learn different techniques or skills to survive.

The photo above in this introductory post was taken in 2011 by Pat Bradley of WAMC.org.  This was near Drake’s Auto Repair in AuSable Forks, New York which is situated near the AuSable River.  The photo depicts the height of the flood waters that surged through when Hurricane Irene came into the region.

With this site, our main goal is to provide detailed guides to help prepare you for any disastrous event that occurs.  We will have guides that will incorporate emergency communications, first aid, bush crafting (if you’re lost in the woods or need to survive in the wilderness), shelter creation, foraging for food or supplies, and other topics of necessity.

We will be updating the site with new content, so stay tuned!



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